Our purpose is to help people work with their dreams in order to discover what the dreams mean to them, and to share their dreams with others when desired.

Our goal is to provide the best tools, methods, ideas, and environment possible to help users work with their dreams in fun, interesting, and useful ways.

We believe dreams can provide valuable and interesting insights about ourselves, our relationships and the world around us in general. We believe dreams can help us make decisions or better understand the ones we have made. We believe dreams can help us be more creative. We believe dreams can be very entertaining. We believe dreams can show us all how connected we truly are. We believe everyone dreams. We believe the dreamer is the best person to figure out what the dream really means, and that there are people, tools, and methods that can help the dreamer do this.

We hope you join us in working with dreams, whether on our site, on another site, or on your own.

You never know what might happen if you DreamOnline!